ASMR With A Twist

Hey y'all, my name is Dani, The Voice and artist of Twist Of Violet. Thank you for subscribing. This is not your traditional ASMR, but y'all have enjoyed my voice on my TWISTOFVIOLET TikTok LIVEs so much that I wanted to have a space where you could enjoy it at all hours. This channel is dedicated to making you smile, relax and probably most of all…sleep. I hope to motivate you, read to you some books, poems and lyrics. I wont whisper but the gentle soothing sounds of my voice should get you to that safe space where all the beautiful tingles happen. Relaxation to ease your stress and build community with meaningful connection. If you are interested in collaborating with the Voice of Dani T. for any future projects, contact information on my website below. Excited to work with you soon! XOXO - Dani



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