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Hey Yall! My name is Dani, I’m the artist here at Twist of Violet. Thank you for coming to my official Art Studio! I wear many hats as a Bi-Mexican-American from Texas, mother of 3 gorgeous children & a proud wife to my dear husband and composer, Phillip Tamez. You can hear his music play as I make my art on my TikTok LIVEs nightly. 
I am a lover of dance, painting and all forms of arts. Creating art has been the evolution of evolving from who I am to who I envision myself to be. Developing Voice Over artist. Learning the paper art called Quilling, an art form that goes back thousands of years, has allowed me to create with unlimited imagination. Painting with acrylic paints and also painting with paper. Turning strips of paper into unique art full of innovation and ingenuity. I hope my handmade art brings you joy.

XOXO - Dani

Links to My World

Epic Relaxation YouTube page

The biggest treat to my nightly TikTok LIVEs Art After Midnight is enjoying the sounds composed by my husband, Phillip Tamez. It makes a peaceful and serene setting to create my works of art.

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